At Blacksmith London we believe that we have a responsibility to do what's right, always.
As part of that, we aim to minimise our environmental impact and so our packaging is made from recyclable and responsible materials. Our products themselves are primarily made from stainless steel; this is the most recycled material on the planet and on average, 86% of steel is reused.
Giving back is important to us and we know that integrity matters - it's not just about what we say we do but in actual fact what we really do and how we do it. Through our partnership with Work for Good, we have dedicated 5% of every sale to support charity.
The charity we have chosen to donate towards is YoungMinds, the UK's leading mental health charity for children, teens and young adults. Mental health matters. From dismantling stigma to providing access to support for those in need, we understand just how much of a priority mental wellbeing should be on the agenda. With YoungMinds, we aim to enable a future where all young people feel equally supported and empowered to be healthy and create the best versions of themselves.
Blacksmith London is about taking your future into your hands. It's about being more and being great.
Forge Your Path.
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